Frequently Asked Questions

When will Glimpse be available? 2021

Sometime in 2021.

Will Glimpse be available for Windows or Linux? No

Glimpse is a native macOS application. We do not currently have any plans to support other operating systems.

Which versions of macOS will run Glimpse? Big Sur

Glimpse uses technologies that are only available in macOS11 (Big Sur). The app will not run on earlier versions of macOS10, which includes Catalina and Mojave.

What hardware does Glimpse require? Apple M1 or Intel

Glimpse supports both the new Apple Silicon (M1) chips, as well as existing Intel-based machines. Glimpse runs well in both the desktop and laptop environments.

Will the app be available on the Mac App Store? Maybe

We intend to distribute Glimpse outside the App Store during the beta. We may eventually distribute it within App Store as an additional channel.

How much will Glimpse cost? TBD

We do not yet have specific pricing set.

Will there be any educational discount? Yes!

We plan to offer Glimpse for free for teachers and students.